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Book: Diving Below 130 Feet

Want to know the training needed to get certified to dive below 130, 200, 330ft?
This book looks at the different training available to get you certified to dive to the depth that you want to go to.

What else can I get out of this book?
This book gives an overview of some of the effects of diving on the human body, especially long-duration and deep diving. The topics covered will give you a broad overview of each one covered and is a good starting point to broaden your knowledge of deep diving.

Something to think about.
Deep diving is an equipment and knowledge-intensive sport, that carries greater risk than shallow sports diving. Deep diving is also an expensive sport, and training can run in the thousands of dollars when reaching the Tri-Mix diver level or below. The deeper you go, the higher the risk for things to go wrong. Correct training for deep diving gives you skills to handle a great deal of problems. However, no training can prepare you for every possible thing that can happen. An open mind and new ideas combined with training can save you when it all goes pear-shaped.

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