Dive Centers, Join Us!

Dive centers, increase the total lifetime value of your newly certified scuba divers by keeping them engaged, informed, and thinking about diving.

At Uncle Cal’s Dive Club we help you keep your newly trained scuba divers informed, engaged, and thinking about diving with you.

Our list is not for experienced scuba divers. We speak to newly certified divers only. Our content is designed to help them get the most out of their dives, and to spend time each week actually thinking about diving.

Cal "Uncle Cal" Evans and three of his students.

We create content that keeps new divers thinking about scuba diving after the class is over. We send out weekly emails teaching them new things that will help them in their dive career. Each of these emails contain a prominent ad for your dive center reminding divers not only to dive, but to dive with you.

If you manage or own a dive center, apply to join us. You train and certify your new divers, we keep that training going in small doses. We keep your new divers interested, engaged, and most importantly, interested in diving.

For a flat fee of $50/month – regardless of the number of divers you have subscribed to the list – your students get content that helps them continue their dive education, and helps you increase the lifetime value of your newly certified scuba divers.

More important to you, each week your newly certified divers see a reminder of your dive center. Our weekly emails remind them of you. It reminds them they need to go diving, and it reminds them they need to go diving with you.

We are not interested in running your mailing list. That’s not what we do. We create content for newly certified divers.

Ready to invest 5 minutes to gain all of this?

To get the ball rolling, all you need to do is apply. We need a little information about you and your dive center. If you are approved, we’ll send you complete instructions on how to set up your account and take the next steps.

The Fine Print

  • Uncle Cal’s Dive Club does not sell major scuba gear
  • Uncle Cal’s Dive Club does not sell training
  • Uncle Cal’s Dive Club does not sell travel
  • Uncle Cal’s Dive Club does not promote any specific training organization

We are your content strategy. for your newly certified divers. Our job is to help keep your new divers engaged with you by creating compelling content and associating your brand with that content. Click the button and apply to join us.

Join us. Together we can raise up better divers.

Still not sure? Why not try out the list for yourself. Click the button below, fill out the form, and join the list. See what all the excitement is about. Each week you will see the content that we provide as well as an ad encouraging you to join us.