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Shells of the World

A marvelously illustrated natural history of the world’s mollusks

Mollusks are invertebrate animals with a remarkable natural history and a rich fossil record, and their shells are prized for their breathtaking variety and exquisite beauty. Shells of the World provides a wide-ranging look at the incredible diversity of marine mollusks. An informative introduction outlines the lineages covered, followed by a directory section, split into classes, that profiles a broad selection of different taxa to give a sense of their sheer numbers and variety.

  • Features hundreds of beautiful color photos, depicting both the live animals and their shells
  • Discusses mollusk evolution, anatomy, life cycles, behavior, and ecology
  • Describes unique characteristics, distribution, habitat, and size
  • Provides valuable insights into the conservation of the world’s marine mollusks
  • Ideal for malacologists and shell collectors everywhere

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