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Shipwrecks of the Dover Straits

The Dover Straits is the resting place for many wrecks and this book reveals the stories behind a selection of these unfortunate vessels. This highly pictorial account shows the wrecks and the numerous artifacts found. The gallery of photographs for each wreck is accompanied by a brief summary of the history of the vessel and the actual dive, providing an insight into diving in these challenging waters and also the excitement of discovering age-old artifacts.

The book unearths some amazing stories and shows the objects in situ or recovered for purposes of identification – all declared to the receiver of wrecks – many in remarkable condition. There are many hundreds of wrecks in these waters that form a perfect site for wreck divers and this book describes just a fraction of what may be found.

This new book will be a valuable and enticing introduction for all divers wishing to explore the huge number of wrecks to be found in the Dover Straits as well as a useful point of reference.

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