Blue Heron Bridge Tide Tables

Scuba divers preparing to dive the Blue Heron Bridge

The Blue Heron Bridge at Phil Foster Park in Rivera Beach, FL – US is one of the best shore dives in the US. To get the most out of it though, you need to time your dive to coincide with high tide. Below you will find the Blue Heron Bridge Tide Tables for the next 30 days.

If you have never dove the bridge before, you can get everything you need to know before you go from our article, A New Scuba Diver’s Guide to Diving the Blue Heron Bridge.

If you already know how to dive the bridge, check the Blue Heron Bridge Tide Tables below and pick your day. Make sure you say hi to us when you get there.

Port of West Palm Beach

NOAA Station Id :8722588

DateSun High Tide
Sun 01-29-202307:0606:0002:2502:28
Mon 01-30-202307:0606:0003:2903:29
Tue 01-31-202307:0506:0104:2904:28
Wed 02-01-202307:0506:0205:2305:21
Thu 02-02-202307:0406:0306:1006:09
Fri 02-03-202307:0406:0306:5206:54
Sat 02-04-202307:0306:0407:3107:35
Sun 02-05-202307:0306:0508:0908:16
Mon 02-06-202307:0206:0608:4408:55
Tue 02-07-202307:0206:0609:1909:33
Wed 02-08-202307:0106:0709:5310:11
Thu 02-09-202307:0006:0810:2610:50
Fri 02-10-202307:0006:0910:5911:31
Sat 02-11-202306:5906:0911:35--
Sun 02-12-202306:5806:1012:1712:16
Mon 02-13-202306:5806:1101:1101:06
Tue 02-14-202306:5706:1102:1302:09
Wed 02-15-202306:5606:1203:2103:20
Thu 02-16-202306:5506:1304:2704:31
Fri 02-17-202306:5406:1305:2905:36
Sat 02-18-202306:5406:1406:2606:36
Sun 02-19-202306:5306:1507:1907:33
Mon 02-20-202306:5206:1508:0908:28
Tue 02-21-202306:5106:1608:5809:20
Wed 02-22-202306:5006:1709:4510:12
Thu 02-23-202306:4906:1710:3011:03
Fri 02-24-202306:4806:1811:16--
Sat 02-25-202306:4806:18--12:03
Sun 02-26-202306:4706:1912:4812:53
Mon 02-27-202306:4606:2001:4601:49

Diving the Blue Heron Bridge is not difficult if you plan things out. For a little more information about the bridge, check out PADI’s page, “The Blue Heron Bridge”.

There are several “don’t miss” sights you are going to want to see as well as a few gotchas you need to watch out for. If you’ve never dove the bridge before, I highly recommend that you hire a local dive guide to make sure you get the best experience.

The Blue Heron Bridge has a great community of divers that show up on a regular basis to dive this beautiful site. If you are going to be diving the bridge often, make sure you hang out with us and introduce yourself. We always love meeting new people and hearing new dive stories.


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