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Debunking 4 Common Scuba Diving Myths

Scuba diving is a popular activity that attracts millions of people from around the world. However, there are many myths and misconceptions about scuba diving that prevent some people from trying it out. In this post, we will debunk five common scuba diving myths.

Myth #1: Scuba Diving is Only for Experienced Swimmers

This is false. While it’s important to know how to swim, you don’t need to be a competitive swimmer to scuba dive. Scuba diving requires more buoyancy control than swimming, which is something that can be learned during scuba diving training.

Myth #2: Scuba Diving is Only for the Young and Fit

Scuba diving is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. In fact, many people who are not able to do other physical activities can still scuba dive. The only requirement is that you are in good health and meet the minimum age requirements for scuba diving.

As an older diver myself, I can attest to the fact that as long as you keep yourself in decent shape and are careful not to over exert yourself it’s a great activity. Most older divers run into problems getting back on a dive boat in full gear. If you think this is going to be a problem for you, talk to the boat staff. I’ve never dove off a boat where the staff wasn’t willing to let you float your gear and climb aboard and then they pull your gear up for you and put in at your seat.

If you take advantage of this service, make sure you tip your crew well. 🙂

Myth #3: Sharks Attack Humans on Sight

While sharks have a reputation for being dangerous, they are not as aggressive as people may think. In fact, sharks rarely attack humans and will typically avoid them. Most shark attacks happen when humans provoke or disturb them.

Here in South Florida, the most common shark you see is the nurse shark. Nurse sharks are generally not aggressive towards humans. However, if threatened, they can cause harm. Due to their small mouths, their bites are limited in size, but their sharp and strong teeth, like most sharks, can still cause damage. They do make for great pictures though.

Myth #4: Scuba Diving is Expensive

Scuba diving can be expensive if you plan to dive frequently or invest in your own gear. However, most scuba diving centers offer affordable training and equipment rental options. Additionally, many dive sites around the world are free or have a small entrance fee. Here locally in South Florida, most shore dives like the beautiful Blue Heron Bridge or Lauderdale By The Sea are free to dive. If you have your own gear, your only cost is your tank-fill.

Scuba diving isn’t the cheapest hobby available, but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive either.

Wrap Up

Scuba diving is misunderstood by those that aren’t divers. However, once someone straps on a tank and tries a Discover Scuba Diving Experience, they are usually hooked. Once they figure out that things they see on TV, read in fiction books, or urban myths they hear about aren’t really true, they begin to realize what an exciting experience it can be to explore the world beneath the waves. Then it’s just a matter of getting them certified before we see them diving off our favorite dive boat, or doing a shore dive like the beautiful Blue Heron Bridge. Dispelling these common mythos is the first step towards diving confidently.

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