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Do Not Rush Your Gear Setup

Congratulations on taking the first step in your scuba diving journey! As a new diver, you’re likely eager to get in the water and start exploring the wonders beneath the surface. However, before you take the plunge, it’s important to understand the importance of taking your time when setting up your gear.

Slow Down, Think Through Your Gear Setup

One of the most common mistakes new divers make is rushing through the equipment set up process. It’s understandable – you’re excited to get in the water and start your dive. But, stopping for a beat to think through the process of gear setup, and the steps you need to take, can make the difference between a great dive and a miserable one.

Proper Gear Setup Can Prevent Gear Malfunctions

First and foremost, rushing can lead to equipment malfunctions. As a scuba diver, your equipment is your lifeline. You rely on it to breathe underwater, control your buoyancy, and communicate with your dive buddy. If your equipment is not set up properly, it can malfunction and put you or your dive buddy in danger.

  • If you don’t check your mask fit, you may spend the entire dive clearing your mask of unwanted water dripping in
  • If you don’t properly secure your regulator to your tank, it could come loose during the dive
  • If you don’t double check your tank straps, your tank could come lose during the dive and slide out of your BCD
  • If you don’t double-check your octo, it may not be functional in a case where your dive buddy needs to share air
  • If you don’t properly secure your low pressure inflator hose you may have to call the dive, return to the surface and orally inflate your BCD.
  • If you forgot to defog your mask, you could spend the entire dive clearing your mask every few minutes

Setting Up Your Gear Slowly Can Help You Be Situationally Aware

In addition to equipment malfunctions, rushing can also lead to a lack of situational awareness. When you’re in a rush, you’re more likely to overlook important details, such as checking your air pressure, properly donning your dive mask, or checking your buddy’s equipment. Additionally, by rushing, you may miss things going on around you. Is your buddy quieter than normal? This may be a sign of distress that you need to talk to them about.

Slow Gear Setup Will Help You Avoid Physical Exhaustion

Finally, rushing through the gear setup process can also lead to physical exhaustion. Scuba diving can be physically demanding, especially if you’re not properly prepared. Rushing through the gear setup process can leave you feeling frazzled and tired, which can impact your ability to dive safely and enjoyably.

Give yourself plenty of time to set up your gear at your pace. Arrive at the dive site early, and take the time to set up your gear carefully and methodically. Don’t be afraid to double-check your equipment and ask your dive buddy for help if you need it.

If you are diving off of a boat, arrive early so that you can get on board when allowed and have time to methodically set up your gear.

If you are doing a shore dive like the Blue Heron Bridge, arrive early so that you can soak in the beauty, set up your gear, and leisurely make your way into the water.

Wrap Up

As a new scuba diver, it’s important to take your time when setting up your gear. Rushing through the process can lead to equipment malfunctions, a lack of situational awareness, and physical exhaustion – all of which can put you in danger underwater. By giving yourself plenty of time and properly preparing, you’ll set yourself up for a safe and enjoyable dive. So, take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy the amazing world of scuba diving!

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