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New Scuba Divers, Here’s How to Reduce Your Air Consumption

As a scuba diver, you might have noticed that with every dive, you become more comfortable, relaxed, and confident. Along with that, you probably have noticed that your air consumption improves too. This is not a coincidence; it is a proven fact that the more a new scuba diver dives, the better they get at applying the lessons they have learned.

Dive More To Decrease Your Air Consumption

Yes, that’s the one trick you need to know to reduce your air consumption and increase your bottom time…dive more.

Here are a few reasons why this trick actually works.

  1. Increased comfort and relaxation
    With every dive, new scuba divers become more comfortable and relaxed in the water. This results in slower breathing, which in turn leads to more bottom time.
  2. Better buoyancy control
    As scuba divers gain more experience, they become better at controlling their buoyancy. This means they use less energy and air to maintain their position in the water.
  3. More efficient finning
    Inexperienced divers tend to use their fins inefficiently, resulting in wasted energy and air. With more dives, divers become more efficient at using their fins.

We know that the more a new scuba diver dives, the better they get at air consumption. So, if you’re a new diver worried about air consumption, don’t fret! Whether you are diving a late or quarry, off your favorite dive boat, or a shore dive like the beautiful Blue Heron Bridge, each time you dive, you get a little better. With time and experience, your air consumption will improve, and you will be able to enjoy longer and more enjoyable dives. You will be able to dive confidently.

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