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New Scuba Divers, Invest In A Well-Fitting Scuba Mask

Hey there, fellow scuba enthusiasts! As a new scuba diver – or a soon-to-be scuba diver – one of the best investments you can make in gear is a well-fitting scuba mask. Many students don’t give their mask the attention it deserves. They pick the one with the tinted lens, they pick the one with the strap they like. They look for style over substance.

Your mask can make or break a dive. A poorly fitting mask can ruin a dive, or even a dive vacation. So when you look for a mask, take your time, try it on, make sure it is a good fit for you.

Three Things To Look For In A Well Fitting Scuba Mask

  1. The Skirt
    The soft part of the mask that fits against your face is called the skirt. Make sure that any mask you buy has a skirt that is the right size for your face. If it’s too big, it will leak water, if it’s too small, it will pinch your face..and leak water. Make sure your mask creates a tight seal around your face without feeling too tight or causing discomfort.
  2. The Lens
    Once you’ve found a few models that fit your face well, start looking for the lens you want. Some divers like a single lens, others like separate left and right lenses. There is no right or wrong answer to this question, only a “right for you” answer. Try the mask on. Can you see well? Can you see clearly straight ahead? how about your periphery? If the mask presents you with an unobstructed and wide view then it’s going to serve you well underwater.
  3. Everything Else
    Ok, you’ve got a good-fitting mask that doesn’t obstruct your view. Now, it’s time to look at any other features. Soft strap (I love those things) tinted lenses, the color of the silicon, etc. All of these factors may seem important but I’ll take an ugly mask that fits properly over a stylish one that leaks…every time.

Wrap Up

Don’t underestimate the importance of a well-fitting scuba mask. Your mask may not be the most expensive piece of gear you purchase but if you don’t give it proper consideration, it can make your dives miserable. It doesn’t matter if you are diving deep off your favorite dive boat, or a shallow shore dive like the Blue Heron Bridge, a good mask will make your time exploring the world beneath the waves so much better.

Take the time to find one that fits your face properly, it will help you dive confidently.

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