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Scuba BCD Styles, Which one is best?

If you’re new to scuba diving, you might be wondering what style of BCD styles best for you. A BCD, or buoyancy control device, is an essential piece of scuba diving equipment that allows divers to control their buoyancy underwater. Choosing the right one for you and your style of diving is important so that you can dive confidently.

There are three main types of BCDs: jacket, hybrid, and wing. Let’s take a closer look at each style:

Jacked BCDs

Jacket BCDs are the most common type of BCD and are great for recreational diving. They have air bladders that wrap around the diver’s torso like a jacket and often have multiple pockets for storing accessories. Jacket BCDs are easy to use and offer good stability in the water.

Hybrid BCDs

Hybrid BCDs combine the features of both jacket and wing BCDs. Like a jacket, these BCDs typically feature a back-inflating air bladder similar to that of a wing BCD. Hybrid BCDs offer better stability and control in the water while also providing the comfort and convenience of a jacket BCD.

Wing BCDs

Scuba divers who require more control over their buoyancy prefer the wing style BCDs, also known as backplate. Wing BCDs have a single air bladder positioned behind their back. Wing BCDs can be more difficult to handle than jacket or hybrid BCDs, but they offer better performance in the water.

Wrap Up

No matter which style of BCD you choose, it’s important to get properly trained on how to use it. A good scuba instructor will help you select the right BCD for your needs. Once selected they will teach you the proper techniques for using it. This way whether you are diving your favorite lake, off a dive boat, or a shore dive like the beautiful Blue Heron Bridge, you will have the right gear to dive confidently.

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