Who is PADI?

PADI is like the boss of scuba diving. They make sure that everyone who goes diving knows how to do it safely.

PADI started way back in 1966, and now they have schools all over the world where you can learn to dive and get special diving certifications. They have certifications (C-Cards) for everything from night diving to Diving the Blue Heron Bridge. There are classes for everyone, from total beginners to people who already know how to dive, and even special classes for things like taking pictures underwater or diving on old shipwrecks. PADI also teaches people how to be diving teachers, so they can go on to teach other people how to dive.

PADI cares about the ocean and all the incredible animals that live in it. They work with other organizations to ensure the ocean stays healthy and clean. They also has a bunch of rules and safety stuff that they teach to all the diving schools and teachers, so everyone stays safe while they’re diving.

In addition to teaching people how to dive, PADI also has all sorts of other stuff for divers. They have insurance if something goes wrong on a dive trip, and they rent out and sell diving equipment. They also have a website and social media channels with lots of helpful info for divers.

For more information, visit their website.


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