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Who is SSI

The scuba diving certification organization known as SSI (Scuba Schools International) has a long and interesting history. It all began in the 1960s with an idea. A man named John Cronin had the idea to create a diving education program that was more accessible and affordable for the average person.

At the time, most diving education programs were very expensive and only available to a select few. Cronin saw this as a barrier to entry for many people who were interested in learning to scuba dive. He wanted to make the sport more accessible to everyone. To do this he started his own diving education program called Scuba Schools of America.

Over the years, the program grew in popularity and eventually evolved into what we now know as SSI. Today, SSI is recognized as one of the leading scuba diving certification organizations in the world. They have over 2,500 locations in more than 110 countries. Here in Palm Beach County, Florida, there are SSI dive centers that will even complete your training at the world-renowned Blue Heron Bridge.

One thing that sets SSI apart from other certification organizations is their focus on safety and customer service. They have strict standards for their instructors and dive centers. They work hard to ensure that their customers have the best possible experience while learning to scuba dive.

So, if you’ve ever considered learning to scuba dive, SSI is definitely a great organization to check out. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll get to tell all your friends that you’re certified by an organization with the coolest acronym in the business – SSI!

For more information, check out their website.

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