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MG-111, an old Mississippi River barge, that now rests in approximately 60 feet of water. There was a time – back when it was still an identifiable barge – that it was an interesting wreck to dive. These days, however, it’s mostly reduced to a large rectangular area filled with steel beams and debris. Still, the barge serves as a vibrant hub for a diverse array of marine life. Scuba Divers diving MG-111 will find everything from tiny shrimps and nudibranchs to turtles of all kinds. The barge attracts a rich underwater community of marine life.

Between August and October each year, Goliath Groupers gather at MG-111 for their spawning season. On any given day during that time, it is not unusual to find 10-30 of them at the site.

Adjacent to the barge, you’ll discover a cluster of columns from the old Jupiter High School, thoughtfully transformed into an artificial reef. This area teems with an abundance of fish and critters, and the sandy bottom becomes a playground for majestic stingrays.

Before you head out to MG-111, make sure you grab the Reef Smart Guide for MG-111. It’s a handy tool for planning your dive.

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